All our Programs are modeled after a family group conference process. All youth are accompanied with an adult. There is a pre-conference, and a session(s) that will provide an opportunity for youth that are identified to learn: accountability, the impact of their behaviors on others, and to create agreements to repair the harm. A third follow-up meeting will provide an opportunity to reinforce skills learned, to show evidence that the agreements were followed and repair to the harm has been accomplished.  

Family Group Conferences

Circle Conference

This program is for youth who have committed low level offences referred through the Weld County District Attorney's office such as assault, bullying, trespassing, vandalism, harassment, etc. Completion can result in dismissal of charges. 

The participants include: 1-2 families, 1 facilitator and 1-2 community members.

Family Alternatives To Drugs (FAD)

This is a positive way to resolve drug, alcohol, or vaping referrals that are generated through the courts, schools or parents. 

Completion can reduce suspension or dismissal of charges. 

The participants include: 4-6 families, 2 facilitator's and 2 community members. 

Family Attendance Circles (FAC)

The sessions will provide the opportunity for youth identified as having attendance concerns to learn about truancy and drop-put facts. Youth will take responsibility for their decision-making and hear the impact caused by their truancy and create an agreement to stay in school. 

The participants include: 4-6 families, 2 facilitator's and 2 community members. 


This program is for youth who have received a petty theft charge for stealing less than $300 from a store during business hours. Restore sessions take place every 3rd Saturday of each month from 9am-12pm.

The participants include:4-6 families, 2 facilitator's and 2 community members. 


Youth Advocacy Council (YAC)

Additional Information

All youth are invited who want to be involved with giving back to the community, make a difference and learn leadership skills that solve problems while building relationships. 

The responsibilities of a YAC Member include:

  • Be willing to do your best. 
  • Be available to meet once a week for meetings. 
  • Be able to attend community service events led by the YAC.
  • Be able to participate in Restorative Practices Circle through WCRJ. 

All youth will be required to write a letter telling of how they will benefit and inspire others by being a representative of the YAC. 

The kickoff meeting is:

Thursday, October 17th at 4pm 

at 2835 W. 10th Street, Greeley CO 80534 

Contact: Rogelio 970.351.5470 

WCRJ Referral Form (pdf)

If you choose to download the pdf file below, please email it to the following location: 

RJ Referral Form (pdf)


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