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Case Management

Once at Youth & Family Connections, a team member conducts an in-depth assessment with the youth and their family in order to create an individualized intervention plan. This plan may incorporate community-based services that can address the family's specific situation. Our case managers handle many types of cases, including referrals from schools, truancy cases, and police drop-offs. 

Case managers are also happy to help any parent with a concern about their child. A team member is assigned to support the youth and their family through every step of the process. Our top priority is keeping every child safe and happy. 

Click here to access the online referral form for the case management program.



The Wraparound team provides outreach and advocacy for youth and families with multiple areas of concern.

The team assists with advocating for strengths-based, culturally appropriate services that are coordinated across multiple professional service providers. Youth & Family Connections utilizes two different wraparound programs: High Fidelity Wraparound (HFW) and the Early Intervention Supports Program (EIS)

HFW focuses on longer term, higher risk, and higher needs families with youth involved in multiple systems with unstable activity.

EIS utilizes the same methods as HFW with a focus on short-term intervention for younger, lower risk offenders.

Our Wraparound facilitators and Family Support Partner are committed to getting families connected to the right resources. They stay by the family's side to advocate for them and guide them in the right direction.


Weld County Restorative Justice (WCRJ)

Restorative Justice emphasizes repairing the harm caused by crime through open communication. When victims, offenders, and community members come together, the results are transformational. Youth & Family Connections utilizes the principles of Restorative Justice through three different programs: 

Circle Conferences (RJCC) 

An opportunity for victims to meet face -to-face with the offender(s) in discussion-based meetings led by trained facilitators. 


A voluntary opportunity for youth and young adults who have shoplifted to handle their charge in a way that is meaningful to them and their community. 

21 or NONE

A program for youth that have received a ticket related to marijuana use or paraphernalia. They learn about the effects and consequences of substance use and repair the harm done in a meaningful way. 

Staff and volunteer training on the use of Restorative Practices is also available.


Internship/Volunteer Application

If you are interested in volunteering with YFC or applying as an intern, please fill out the form below and return it to our office. 

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