Meet Our Wraparound Team

Patrick Lafferty, Wraparound Facilitator

Patrick Lafferty

Wraparound Facilitator

"I love working with Youth and Family Connections to be able to meet families where they are and help them with the things that matter to them. My passion is in being able to help give children and parents the skills they need to thrive and not to need us anymore. I want all the families we work with to know that this is a place to feel welcome and we want to be able to support you! This team is fantastic, and I am excited for every family that works with us.

Wendy O'Leary, Wraparound Facilitator

Wendy O'Leary

Wraparound Facilitator

"I am excited to work at Youth & Family Connections as a Wraparound Facilitator. I've been working in Wraparound for over 12 years and I firmly believe that Wraparound, when done to fidelity, provides youth and families with the tools, skills, and confidence that they need to achieve their short term goals, as well as empower them to be successful for the rest of their lives. Wraparound is a strengths-based planning process that puts the youth and family in the driver's seat, providing them with their own unique and individualized opportunities to learn and practice the skills that are vital for long-term healthy inter-dependent relationships and successful living. I am also honored to work with an amazing team of professionals at Youth & Family Connections who are committed to the values and principles of wraparound and who genuinely care about the youth and families they serve."

Aspin Pecor, Family Support Partner, Wraparound Team

Aspin Pecor

Family Support Partner

"I work at Youth and Family Connections because I enjoy working with the kids and their families. I believe that, given a chance and confidence to use their voice and make their own choices, all kids can reach their goals and I love being a part of helping them get the skills and confidence to do this."